Nathan - Senior Session

Word of mouth is your strongest referral source. Whether you're looking for the best place for coffee, where to take your car for the best oil change or for job references someone always knows someone. Nathan's mother contacted me after being referred by a former coworker of mine who had been following some of my personal and commissioned photography through my personal facebook page. Again, word of mouth is strong.


For this shoot we decided to meet at the Z-lot garage on Gratiot in downtown Detroit for a short session. The lot is new relative to the surroundings and feature 10 stories that each could be their own works of art.  At the top you have a prime view of the works of Shepard Fairey and Hownosm. This is a prime destination for photos in the city.


Thanks Nathan and family for having me out.


All images were taken using Fujifilm Xpro2 and 56mm 1.2

(Except one was the 14mm 2.8)