Let's Chat...

I've now had my own "Corey Boland" domain for over a year and I have yet to dump thoughts into the blog. When deciding to be a "photographer" I had no idea what I wanted to focus on so I began to take on every job from architecture prints to newborn portraits. I was shooting concerts, seniors, cats, food or anything I could if someone wanted to hire me. I didn't have a focus, I didn't have a theme or style, I just was shooting.

From now on you'll see more posts on this page highlighting the process of portraiture and the stories of theclients that I meet along the way. I've found myself drawn to people and their stories which has strengthened my love for portrait photography.

On top of my love for portraiture, I also love all things Fujifilm. I love their camera bodies, photographer culture, film sims (oh god the film sims..) and everything else Fuji. You'll be seeing Fuji reviews and quick blog posts about my experience with Fujifilm gear over the last year. Just this summer I've gotten an X-pro2 and I will tell you this I could rant about the thing all day.

So here's to saying hello, lets work together. If you have a crazy idea that you'd love to see come to life or you want to update your headshot for linkedin. Lets shoot.