Hicks Family

Date: 10/29/2016


Yasmeen and her family contacted me through a local Facebook group after I posted looking to find more families in the city of Dearborn to photograph while the weather was still pleasant. Yasmeen and I had to battle with Michigan weather for a bit due to the wild weather swings from freezing rain to sunny and near summer weather all in the same week. We finally had a break so we headed down to a local park to get some family photos.


Family photos are one of my favorite types of sessions to shoot. Most of the time, families don't know what to expect. Everyone immediately thinks back to the horror of stuffing everyone into JCPenny in front of backdrop wearing the Sunday best for that before Christmas portrait. I love giving families the enjoyable experience of being in a non stress outdoor environment so I can capture them as they are. I also love hearing, "We haven't done any photos like this before" or my other favorite, "Man, It's been xx years since we've had photos of the kids."

Both kids are into sports of their own and we had fun pulling that into the photos and having a little bit of play time.


Gear used: Fuji X-Pro2 and 56mm 1.2