Coach 2017 and "Influencers"

Instagram has been my living portfolio for the last 13 months. I post the most images there and feel its an interesting way to keep focus in both style and subject matter. Instagram is also an amazing way to connect with possible clients and other photographers in your areaand worldwide. Just this year alone i've made friends with people over Instagram and had a beer with a few of them.  My instagram following has grown exponentially in the last year and that subject is for another blog post.

Instagram is what lead Coach to me.

A representative for Coach reached out to me earlier this Winter and asked if I wanted to shoot as part of their upcoming campaign. Naturally, I said yes. I love shooting for brands and commercial work in general because I love both story telling through images but representing the brands style. Coach wanted photos of a beautiful leather tote and gave me total creative Freedom.


I contacted my good friend Dennis whom I met in a general chemistry class a few years back. Dennis was actually one of my earliest shoots and I was the first photographer he had ever worked with. Dennis is now working steadily in the Acting and Modeling world and is always looking for new jobs.

We met downtown Detroit in front of John Varvatos and shot along the new areas of Woodward. All images below were taken with the Fujifilm X-T2 and Fujinon 56mm 1.2 lens.


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