Dance in Detroit

I have had the idea of photographing a formal dancer in Detroit after following the beautiful work of Omar Z Robles (see it here photographing dancers in New York City and the rest of the world. Omar, a well studied mime, photographs these performers in the most beautiful way against a hard but equally beautiful city.

Detroit is a beautiful city with a rich history that is often overlooked due to the high rate of crime and abandonment of many of its closest neighborhoods. I wanted to photograph the beautiful skills of a dancer with the city in the ways that Omar colors his performers.

I contacted Emily to see if she would like to participate and she was more than excited to help. We met downtown and she was no where afraid to destroy a pair of pointe shoes for the sake of beautiful portraits.

I am looking to photograph any other dancers in Detroit. Please email me through my contact page if you would like to help.


All photos below were taken with a Fujifilm Xpro2 and Fujifilm 56mm 1.2 at 1.2